Remote Filming

Take your production online, whilst keeping everyone safe and involved.

Our hardware is the bond that keeps your location and remote teams in constant contact

We are now forced to change the way we work on set due to COVID-19. Our aim is to help production companies make sure that no member of their team, whether remote or local, is left out of the loop with what is happening. Other systems provide remote viewing. 

We provide remote involvement.

Be involved, not removed

This is not just remote 'viewing'

We offer live video and audio in both directions. Remote production guests can participate in real-time.

Incredibly low latency

With latency under one second, real-time cueing is possible for crew and talent.

Easy to use

Your remote production team just has to open a link to be involved, from any device.

Directors Jon Shaikh and Don Shades direct the remote filming as Editor Bethan and EP Jo Rae watch on
A remote filmed live streamed composite shot of an actor performing a scene, as Director of Photography Adam Hall films them on an Arri Alexa Mini

See everything in real-time

Works with any camera

We show not only what is being recorded, but everything going on around it. Transmitted live in real time.

Instant playback

Instantly playback recorded takes for immediate feedback from remote production guests, and location staff.

Indoors, Outdoors, anywhere

Works anywhere with an available mobile internet signal.

Stay safe, save money

Reduces your headcount

Keep your staff safe by reducing the risk of infection.

Reduces costs

Fewer hotels, less travel and fewer expenses.

Reduces pollution

Less travel means a better result for the environment.

Remote filming with the NWVS VIPER unit for Kraken Films "Together"


We were brought onboard by Kraken Films for “Together” with our remote filming equipment. With members of the TV and film industries keen to return to work, we were thrilled to be a part of this.

We were able to have the directing team work from home, but still control the shoot in real-time. We maintained full two-way live audio and video links with the directing team and the location crew, from three on set cameras and a wireless communications unit. 

"Whilst conceiving and shaping “Together” as a film with my HODs, our main challenge was to have a flawless remote shooting system. This would allow a COVID-19 safe shooting environment and prove clients and agency can be part of a shoot but not have to be on set. Nick Smith at Newsworthy Vision came on board at an early stage of pre-production and brought his Viper system into the mix which allowed us to achieve this level of safety and creativity. Without him and his system we wouldn’t have achieved the level of film shoot we did."

Other Production Feedback:

"I thought the remote video of the shoot was great. The sound was good and it was great that we could speak directly to people there quickly and easily. The internet connection was good, there were no drop offs. I think as an art director I’d always prefer to be on set so I can see everything properly, but this was a great option for when that’s not possible."
"All looked great. Ran smoothly. Felt involved and listened to. Don’t think I’d change a thing."

Remote Interview Recording

We can now record interviews remotely in quality far superior to Zoom, Skype or Teams

Record remotely,
maintain quality

Keep guests at home

Interview guests can stay at home, and stay safe

Maintains quality

We can record guests in HD, above and beyond what video conference systems can do

A three person interview conducted entirely online
A three person interview conducted entirely online in full HD for Westerfield College

Nearly every production company has faced having to remotely record interviews during lockdown. We’ve all seen documentaries, advertising and other productions using software like Zoom to record interviews. Sadly, whilst the technology is great, the quality just isn’t there.

We have a better way.

Remote Project:

Mitsubishi Motors - WING Productions

We had to record three separate people, in three separate locations live in a game show format. All players needed to hear and see each other at all times, and we needed to record it all in HD.

We delivered isolated recordings of each guest in an editing grade format for WING, allowing them to have clean audio and video of each guest.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers about remote shoots

How can we take your commercial production online?

With our live streaming solutions, we can feed your remote filming output into video conferencing software. We can send a selection of high-quality camera feeds to your virtual production conference guests anywhere in the world.

Production teams, agencies, clients and guests can see every frame transmitted in real-time. All while sitting in the comfort and safety of their homes or offices.

Remote production guests can even speak to crew members on location through the software and hear their replies back in real-time via the conference. Not through a laptop perched dangerously on set, but via a dedicated wireless communications platform.

Do socially distanced productions work?

Yes, with some extra planning and our remote filming solutions.

In June of 2020, we were brought on to a production by Kraken Films. They wanted to have a socially distanced production, with all non-essential staff removed from the set. The directors would be instructing the talent and crew from home. Also, the event was taking place in a concrete bunker three floors below central London.

We ran the output from a live camera (an Arri Alexa mini) into a Zoom conference with the directing team. They were able to see the video in high definition, and direct live in real-time.

Cues given by the directing team got received by the team on set, and live meetings were able to take place between takes. We showed the output of recorded takes to both teams, so feedback from all team members could be discussed.

Our central communications base station kept team members in touch throughout the production.

How slow is the latency?

See for yourself:

How does it work?

Our COVID-19 safe remote production setup works anywhere with power. On location outdoors or in a studio, our production facility can allow for socially distanced productions.

We can work with any broadcast or cinema camera used in film and tv productions. We also offer multiple cameras to watch the set as part of our production services. Your remote production guests get to see live-action from more than the main camera output.

The audio and video from your conference get sent live to on-site monitors, allowing your location team to see and hear your guests live. We also can playback takes immediately after recording to both conference guests, and team members on location.

The on-site team can answer questions in real-time from the remote filming unit via an open conference line. Conversations flow as if everyone was on location. On set teams can also communicate among themselves on a separate private channel.

Observing social distancing guidelines whilst undertaking commercial productions was hard. With our VIPER remote filming unit, it’s gotten a lot easier. The benefits of remote production and virtual filming are clear. Let us help you get compliant with government and APA guidelines, and get your remote film production going today

What else can we offer?

We’re always adding new features to make your live production easier.

Recently, we added the ability to have individual video feeds go into break out rooms. You can now have private discussions, or maintain separation between observing teams.

We also have an extra video path available outside of the video conference, which adds extra quality at the expense of higher latency.

We’re always adding new features to this unit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas of what you might need on set. Our remote filming solutions mean COVID-19 safe remote commercial productions can be a reality.

If you have any questions about remote productions or virtual filming, contact us now.